I consider myself an American artist of Italian descent, living in Los Angeles since 2017. Before I studied fine arts in Costa Rica and later taking an art class with professor Edwin Montalvo in Miami, I knew almost nothing about painting. Professor Montalvo exposed me to the work of great masters, but encouraged me to develop my style. I establish my technique, through observation and an empirical approach to painting. That’s how I began painting with dots, giving an easy asymmetrical rococo-ish feeling yet energetic and full of movement. It’s a time-consuming technique I have been using since 2008.


    My artwork is figurative with a pointillist technique. I am influenced by baroque drama and light-hearted rococo. Such styles has been a signature of my art for some years now. But as I live in Los Angeles, a community self-obsessed with celebrities and pop culture, my paintings have evolved into the M.A. series, a contemporary representation of the original material girl, the iconic Marie Antoinette. She’s the archetype of aspirations for individuality and the power of reinvention. Her iconic head and what it represents floats above her body. We may cut it off, but comes back again. She’s wearing a cake-like dress, covered in jewelry, unapologetically proclaiming her status, but she’s also selling herself to potential costumers. As an artist an a creator there are certain parallels with my muse. I identify with her, I’m putting myself in the place of my painting. Like her, my art is being observed, analyzed, criticized, loved or ignored for what I think is an expression of my identity. M.A. is on display for us to judge. She’s aware of her image, she’s fully frontal, confronting us, staring at the viewer like if saying “I had my cake and I ate it too" 








    Tracy Park Gallery Malibu CA 2020

    Florence Biennale, Florence Italy, 2019

    Gallery 825, West Hollywood, CA 2018

    Skidmore Contemporary Art gallery, Santa Monica, CA 2018

    Gallery 825 LAAA, Los Angeles, CA 2018

    Las Lagunas Art Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA 2018

    Mark Borghi Fine Arts Gallery, New York, NY 2018

    Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Sebastopol CA 2018

    Apero Fine Arts Gallery, CA 217/2018

    Armory Art Center, West Palm Beach, FL 2016

    Vu New River Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, FL 2016

    Coral Springs Museum, Coral Springs FL 2016

    Artserve Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, FL 2014/2016

    NSU Museum-Artopia Fort Lauderdale, FL 2015

    Artist haven gallery, Fort Lauderdale, FL 2013

    Artist haven Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, FL 2010

    The Red Bull art of can, Dallas, TX 2010

    The Parker play House, Fort Lauderdale, FL 2009

    The Nude show, Orlando, FL 2009

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